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We designed a simple Ikea kitchenette for the basement of our new modern house and asked Traian to install it. Traian was punctual and knew all the details of ikea kitchen very well. Unfortunately, there were broken pieces in the Ikea boxes and my husband had to go twice to Ikea for exchange. Traian was very patient and worked until late to finish our project. At the end, we were extremely happy with his work and his attention to detail. The kitchen was so solidly put together that it took away our doubts about Ikea kitchens - provided there is a good installer. Even our builder on site was pleasantly surprised by the installer I brought in. They said to us afterwards how much they like Traian and said "you can tell a lot about someone based on the tools he uses". We think it is quite a compliment from other professionals. Obviously Traian uses very high end tools, and knows how to use them to ensure a quality job. Having read all the HomeStars reviews, we had very high expectations from Traian when we hired him. He definitely met our expectations and we are already thinking about hiring him again for more work.

his is the second time I've used TS Kitchen Projects. I was so happy with Traian's work at my past home that I called him back when we moved into a new house. Traian is punctual, very detail oriented and offers up great suggestions that enhanced my kitchen(s). There were a few things I wasn't sure about when I ordered my kitchen and he helped me figure it out in a way that made sense and looked great. One of the difficulties with the job he did for us was that we were using some discontinued lower facings and thought we had everything we needed, but we didn't. Traian went above and beyond to find the missing pieces we needed which we really appreciated. He also had to cut a few of these discontinued pieces down for a custom fit and did an amazing job at making them fit right in. Great job Traian, I'll be calling you again when I move into my next place ;) Barb

Traian is an amazing worker! Delivers on his promises, he is punctual and has an exemplary work ethic and attitude. He was able to alleviate a potential nightmare with his prompt intervention. Versatile in any handy work, considerate and knowledgeable. I would recommend his service to anyone who wants to avoid a stress-free home improvement project. I definitely recommend TS Kitchen Projects for a job well done, affordable and in a timely fashion. Thank you Traian, looking forward to have you working on my future projects.

TS Kitchen by far surpasses the installers at Peg Kitchens in both efficiency and cost effectiveness. Traian, the Owner of the Company, is extremely knowledgeable and very meticulous with his installations. He has a passionate attention to detail and a solid work ethic. He spent a great deal of time in ensuring that our kitchen layout had optimal function and clean aesthetic. I would not hesitate to recommend this Company for any kitchen installation. It is a shame that Ikea recommends Peg only as this gentleman is far superior in all.

We recently decided to have a new Ikea kitchen installed and after a considerable amount of research opted to hire TS Kitchen Projects. From our initial consultation it was evident that the company owner, Traian, was passionate about his work and willing to take the necessary time to provide suggestions, improvements, and reassurance. Once the terms of the contract had been agreed upon (the price was extremely competitive), Traian arrived on time each day and worked diligently to ensure that timelines would be met. He tidied up after himself at the end of each day and provided ongoing and consistent feedback regarding the status of our kitchen, identifying any difficulties he may have encountered and enhancements he would like to make. Now that the kitchen is complete we are extremely happy with the quality of workmanship. His attention to detail, hardware upgrades, and undercounting lighting have created a functional, warm and welcoming atmosphere that will certainly be enjoyed for many years to come. Above all else, Traian is a strong believer in the importance of customer service/satisfaction and is willing to go that extra step to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied. We strongly recommend anyone looking for a professional kitchen installer to give Traian a call, you will not be disappointed.

Traian exceeded our expectations consistently for all aspects of this kitchen project. His attention to detail, professional manner and willingness to help us through he decision process was outstanding in every way. We had rough plan and Traian was able to replicate and ensure our order was processed efficiently at Ikea and even helped us select the specific types of hinges, lazy susan's and drawer sets. He further helped us select LED lighting for in-cabinet and under counter which are amazing! We have done a custom kitchen before and love this one just as much and maybe more because we knew how carefully it was put together and it cost about 1/8 th! We are very happy with TS Kitchens and would recommend Traian as the best contractor we have worked with. We are most willing to provide a verbal reference and answer any questions. You will never be sorry you called Traian!

I contacted Traian early on in my renovation and he was very helpful as to assisting me with the kitchen design and then when I knew when I would be ready for the installation he showed up on the date as arranged and after the initial work, I had some things to do in the kitchen and again when we arranged for him to return again he showed up as arranged. He was very careful with the installation and in the end I feel confident and satisfied that I have a very well built kitchen. Traian even helped me with something in my house that was outside his scope of work and although I offered to pay him extra, he told me not to worry about it which I found was very nice of him.

We hired Traian to assemble and install our Ikea kitchen cabinets and countertop. Most of the design was already set, but he made a few suggestions, all of which we acted on and all of which improved our kitchen. He worked efficiently and with great attention to detail and it shows in the results - everything lines up perfectly, even where the walls don't! The project was on time and on budget, and both the time and the budget were exceptionally reasonable/better than reasonable (the whole thing only took a few days and the price was less than half of the other quote we received). In addition, we purchased under-cabinet LED lighting directly from Traian (his price was much better than the big box stores) and love what it adds to our kitchen. We were very, very pleased with Traian's work and can say, 7 months later, that it has held up very well.

I had a built-in European fridge incorporated into my Ikea kitchen. Traian had the patience and skill to perfectly conceal this unit as well as modify the cabinets to make it a truly custom European kitchen. His attention to detail and capability made me confident in allowing him to do other precision work like cutting and installing wood floor vents, custom bookshelves and shelving units. I couldn't be happier with the results. I will certainly use and \recommend TS Kitchen Projects again!

Traian made my kitchen amazing. The previous homeowners hired a hack job company that came in and really destroyed what could have been a useable IKEA kitchen. Traian had to fix all of their work and add more cabinets as well as modifications and many many additions. He pretty much had to start from scratch! He made the entire process very easy, from concept to creation it went perfectly. Traian knows IKEA cabinetry inside and out, and I am going to have him eventually work on more cabinets for my home (laundry room, and perhaps more custom work around the fridge). This is my first home, and my first renovation project, and I couldn't have asked for a nicer, more knowledgeable and fair contractor. I would highly recommend his services. Thanks for everything Traian!

DO NOT plan or install an IKEA kitchen without TS Kitchen Projects! Traian made our very inexpensive IKEA kitchen (Liljestad - 15% sale) look custom - and customized it perfectly to our needs. First, he took our online plans, and made some insightful suggestions. Then he came on-site, and planned more practical changes - including things like hinge upgrades (which don't cost anymore than the stock ones from Ikea), and banding (if you haven't noticed yet, birch coloured cabinets and dark cabinet doors leave an ugly birch gap in-between cabinets - no matter how many adjustments you make - unless you use TS Kitchen's specially sourced banding). Our installer took great pains to balance the look of the kitchen, adjust cabinets and counter-tops to oddities (like uneven walls, and wonky bulk-heads). TS Kitchen Project's folks were personable, reliable, and trustworthy. The quote was reasonable, and they stuck to it to the penny. Make sure to talk to TS Kitchen Projects about your back-splash tiles... we found out after the fact that we could have saved money (and time) by getting colour-matched tiles from TS Kitchen Projects. We were very impressed, and have already recommended TS Kitchen Projects to our friends and family!

We have been working on the planning stages of our kitchen for many months. With all of the cabinetry and finishes picked out we began selecting contractors to perform the various aspects of labour. Traian was a pleasure to work with throughout he project. We contacted Traian after spending many hours designing our kitchen using the Ikea software. Traian had several useful suggestions, during intial consultation, about how to deal with a tricky sink situation. Traian produced a budget and timeline which he followed. Traian was able to work with any unexpected problems and suggest solutions. His attention to detail and work shows pride and professionalism. He left a clean work environment at the end of every day and treated our time and house with respect. I would use Traian in future and would recommend him to anyone looking for a quality Ikea installation or cabinet design/layout ideas.

Traian has transformed our cluttered 1980's condo kitchen into a spacious and modern culinary space! In our initial meeting he was friendly and approachable. We felt comfortable with him and based on his great reviews on Homestars, we went with him right away. We had some ideas in our design and he provided great suggestions that enhanced the design. We had our kitchen gutted by another contractor then Traian installed the wall cabinets; cabinets around the fridge, dishwasher, slide-stove; a large island, and sink cabinets. He used the same IKEA panels and created some custom cabinets to get everything to fit. Traian's tools were advanced and impressive and allow him to quickly build and customize solid and high quality cabinets. Traian has a great eye for detail and takes pride in his work. His work exceeded our expectations. He is very reliable, responsive to phone calls and emails, and gives excellent customer service. We love our new kitchen and it has been more enjoyable to cook, dine, and entertain guests. I would recommend Traian to all our friends and family. Thanks Traian!

When my husband and I purchased our home, we knew that we would be doing a full kitchen reno immediately using Ikea cabinets. After we had completed our design and ordered the cabinets, I went onto Homestars and found TS Kitchen Projects. After an exchange of emails, we arranged to meet Traian to review our plan. Our initial meeting was 3 hours in which he offered many suggestions to improve the functionality of the kitchen, which we implemented and are glad we did. His knowledge of the product is phenomenal, and he offers creative workable solutions for any challenging area, of which we had a few! Traian’s attention to detail and pride in his work is unmatched, and obvious in the result. As we were living through the reno, the fact that he left the work area clean each day was a big help. We also purchased LED under cabinet lighting and hardware through Traian, and the quality and cost of both are excellent. Our kitchen is stunning, and we are thrilled with it. Traian offers excellent customer service is very personable and has eclectic taste in music! We would highly recommend TS Kitchen Projects for any job, big or small.

We had Traian install our cabinets and lighting in our new kitchen and we were presently impressed with his skills and professionalism. Traian made our Ikea cabinets look more like a custom job with his strategic placement of our cabinets. Our kitchen now not only looks good, but is also functional to the point where our appliances and utensils are organized and cooking is simpler and more efficient. He was clear about our options and always had suggestions that would benefit our set up, all keeping within our budget. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to renovate their kitchen.

Traian is exceptional when it comes to kitchen installations. We bought and Ikea kitchen and PEG did not give us very much comfort. I thought I was going to have my most frustrating experience with Ikea (and that says a lot), but Traian made it too easy. He actually drove me to Ikea after we found I bought some of the wrong cabinet sizes, and he proceeded to walk me through exactly what I needed, then went on to install my new kitchen with the highest of quality. Not a single thing wrong with his work. I was scared, but Traian removed my fears, and now I'm even able to walk back into an Ikea store without having a breakdown. Thanks Traian!!

My Kitchen project was a challenging one in that the space was very small, was on a very tight budget and the 75 year old home had many limitations. With Traian's many years of experience; I felt confident that the utilization of space and the quality of products would be perfect. In addition, creating a more contemporary/traditional design with a wow factor that would look absolutely amazing was accomplished on time and on budget! Traian is a person to be trusted; he's honest, creative and dedicated. Always current and up-to-date with the latest products and designs and will make sure that his clients are number one with the utmost respect! Highly recommend Traian!

After deciding to purchase an Ikea kitchen, Dale and I researched carpenters and kitchen installers on the HomeStars website. TS Kitchen Projects stood out. TS Kitchen Projects specializes in customizing Ikea kitchens, and this is the kind of expertise we felt would be most beneficial to our project. We met with Traian, the owner, to discuss our kitchen renovation project after reading reviews posted by his clients. All of the reviews were very positive, and after meeting with the man himself we felt it was a good match. Traian was friendly and established a good rapport with both myself and Dale. After listening to him speak about previous projects and tricks of the trade we felt comfortable leaving our project in his, as it turned out, very capable hands. Our kitchen presented several big challenges, namely an electrical panel that could not be moved and threatened to throw off the balance of the entire kitchen. Traian took this in stride, and I couldn't be more pleased with the solutions he proposed. The kitchen turned out beautifully - Traian made suggestions based on his experience and reviewed different options with me on a near daily basis. Though bringing me into a dialogue on the different options open to us slowed down the job, I was thrilled to be working with a tradesperson whose main focus was his client's satisfaction. I wish more tradespeople operated this way. It was a pleasure working with Traian on this project. I would recommend him to anyone considering installing anything Ikea. I have recommended him to my parents who are interested in having custom wardrobes installed as well as my employer for one of his upcoming projects. Traian also brokers quality hardware, cutting edge led lighting systems and tile. I have ordered some led lights and am looking forward to having them installed in the very near future. Thank you for the beautiful kitchen Traian - I wish you all the best! Erica

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