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TS Kitchen Projects, Traian and his crew are ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!! I cannot say enough about their professionalism, expertise and attention to detail. After searching long and hard to find a reputable company to install my new kitchen and reading multiple reviews on Home Stars…. TS Kitchen did indeed seem to be too good to be true. They are in fact the best in the business – HANDS DOWN!! Initially I thought it was expensive to have TS do the graphic planning and design piece (perhaps we could do it ourselves or get the store to help us out with it and save a bit of $$) but thank goodness we had Traian help us with the planning. He has an eye for detail, knows the IKEA product better than the folks at IKEA and can customize absolutely anything. He is a master of his craft and takes such pride in his work. Meticulous in all he does. Traian is truly a rare breed. He is 100% committed to the customer and ensures that everything is up to his high standards….including his staff. His crew is highly skilled, lovely guys who are reliable, professional, tidy and well trained. They too have incredible experience with the product and like Traian, want to ensure customer satisfaction. Using this company was the BEST decision we made. Unfortunately we didn't use Traian's guys for the demolition/renovation part of the kitchen - we did not realize he provided this service and had already committed to a contractor (we are still kicking ourselves!). This was a BIG mistake as the co. we used were unprofessional and unequipped to do the job. TS Kitchen was left to deal with walls that were not straight and unlevel floors. Traian coming in to our home was like a knight in shining armour -although he doesn't initially appear to look like such;) He reaffirmed our faith in the trades and showed through his ACTIONS what hard work, dedication and passion for what you do looks like. Although when first meeting Traian he may come off a little rough around the edges – he is anything but. He is an incredible guy who is a genuine, sweet, caring and honest who works around the clock to make sure his customers are happy and things are perfect. What more can you ask for?

Traian is exceptional at what he does: creating beautiful kitchens. Here's how he does it:- He provides insightful advice on creative ways to make your dollar go further (e.g. installing custom doors on ikea cabinets) and increase the durability and lifespan of the kitchen (e.g. premium hinges, etc.)- Traian's attention to details is second to none -- it borders on obsession but in a very, very good way :) He spends a lot of time planning and making small adjustments to ensure that everything is built in the best way possible. It's really incredible.- Traian also has a network of great people who you get to tap into as his client, from electricians to plumbers, to tilers and more. Each of these professionals share his passion for quality and customer service.- Traian is extremely ethical and responsible, and a pleasure to work with. He's a funny and amicable guy, always does what he says he's gonna do, and proactively seeks out your guidance when it's appropriate. Honestly, this has been our best home improvement experience ever, hands down. We wish we had a second kitchen so we could do it all over again! HIRE THIS MAN AND HIS COMPANY!

My wife and I decided to purchase an Ikea kitchen. We requested quotes from Traian and several others including the Ikea recommended installer. We chose Traian because he was the most responsive and offered helpful design tips on his initial visit. One of his colleagues did the bulk of the installation work. He started on time and completed on schedule. Traian exceeded our expectations by going far beyond what was required. Some examples: (1) We overbought from Ikea so he took the returns back with us to save us an extra delivery charge. (2) He was at our place within 30 minutes when our oven installation person had difficulties. (3) He helped us coordinate other trades including an excellent plumber and electrician. He did not charge us for any of these extras even though it would have been reasonable for him to do so. I think there are two things that drive Traian to do such a good job as reflected in the numerous HomeStar recommendations. He genuinely takes pride in his work and he thinks long term. As a result, he cares much more about generating a positive referral tomorrow than earning an extra dollar today. It is rare and wonderful quality. I would recommend him without hesitation.

I can't say enough good things about Traian and his team. Traian improved upon our kitchen design to provide the floor-to-ceiling look that we wanted. He made numerous trips to Ikea to get additional parts. He was flexible to our changing schedule and tolerated a bit of chaos on our site while dry wallers worked around him. He made great suggestions to upgrade and customize our Ikea cabinetry. The pride that he takes in his work and the attention to detail has generated a beautiful kitchen that we are thrilled with. Thank you Traian!

The best! Sorry for the late review Traian. Traian and is team is very professional and really know what they are doing, our kitchen fits so seamlessly and everything is perfect. He returns as many times as it takes to get the job done properly and is always respectful of our space, our time and our cats ( haha). He even sourced our quartz countertop for us at a great price! Thanks so much Traian, when were ready to kit out our laundry room we will give you a call! Also note the price we provided was for Traians services. it does not include cabinets or counter.

My wife and I had decided on an Ikea kitchen and a friend of mine recommended Traian for installation. After talking to him we decided to renovate the kitchen with him and his crew. This was a very good idea and we were happy that we decided this way. Traian is very knowledgeable and professional. The same things I can say about the other trade people: Sorin and Derek. We were impressed by the attention to detail paid by Traian and his team. They were happy to explain everything to us and we had long discussion about the project and other things as well (they are very funny people). Right now our kitchen looks fantastic and we are very happy with the results. One piece of advice: if you are planning to renovate your kitchen with Traian, try to book him in advance because he and his crew are very busy people. They are the victims of their success.

My wife and I had decided on on Ikea kitchen after looking around for many months, but were scared of attempting the installation of such a large and complex project. We found Traian on Homestars and contacted him. He was very courteous and prompt as well as being very knowledgeable. His crew were very professional and we are extremely satisfied with the results. We would recommend his company highly.

For the last four years, we have been renovating our 80+ year old home in midtown Toronto from top to bottom. The last piece of the puzzle was the kitchen and dining room. We began the planning process almost a year in advance and had originally planned to go with a custom kitchen. However, when we examined the cost, it wasn't in the budget. So we began to investigate the prospect of an Ikea kitchen. After researching it and a mocking up a quick design using the Ikea online tool, we searched the Internet for contractors who specialized in Ikea kitchens. TS Kitchens came up on Homestars and their reviews were stellar. We contacted Traian and we didn't need to contact anyone else. He guided us through the design process (and many revisions), provided us with a complete itemized list of what we needed to buy at Ikea (which the Ikean at the store loved), did the installation, including a number of custom elements, made special trips to Ikea when needed and finished it on time and on budget. Traian is a perfectionist. People will think your Ikea kitchen is fully custom. Both he and his team were a pleasure to work with and have in our house. Our kitchen turned out beautiful. We love it. We highly recommend TS Kitchens and would not hesitate to use them again.

My husband and I wanted to install an IKEA kitchen into a 100+-year-old farmhouse. We knew we'd need a professional with loads of installation experience. I contacted Traian Stanciu with TS Kitchens on July 11, 2012 (after reading many positive reviews on HomeStars). Traian responded promptly and stopped by our house three days later, on a Saturday. We showed him our initial design plans (drawn up with Visio and IKEA's kitchen planner), plus our appliances, and he suggested a few tweaks. Because of other renovations, we scheduled Traian to install our cabinetry, beginning Sept. 19. Traian made the actual IKEA purchase for us, scheduling delivery and picking up missing pieces of our order. He and his assistant installed the cabinetry in four days, and we are thrilled. Thrilled! Traian is meticulous and takes pride in customizing big-box cabinetry. He's quick to make recommendations and to tell you when an idea will or will not work. Sure, aesthetics are important, but function in a kitchen is of utmost importance. From Day One, we were impressed with his work ethic and attention to detail. We also appreciated being able to get a hold of him—phone and email—without problem. We would use Traian again in a heartbeat and recommend him to anyone looking for peace of mind while designing/installing an IKEA kitchen.

We are so happy with the kitchen that Traian and his team built for us. From our initial discussions to the final product, Traian was there to provide his input and guidance. This dude knows every single thing about IKEA kitchens - it's shocking, but that's what you want, right? We also used other tradespeople on his recommendation, namely Derrick - the electrician and Sorin - the handyman. They too were professional and took great attention to detail. We're really pleased with our results and would use Traian again. Note, Traian is a unique person with a peculiar sense of humour. While a little eccentric, trust in his ability to produce results.

Ikea gave me another company's name to do my kitchen install, after getting in touch with them and realizing that they were not willing to accommodate my working hours or timeline I decided to look at other companies. My kitchen renovation was my first foray into Reno projects and I have heard many nightmare stories out there. Thankfully Traian made everything as smooth as possible. I went with Traian after reading the positive reviews from other people in the same situation as me. He was quick to answer any of my questions, honest and fair. My kitchen looks amazing and all the little things I was worried about (like my cat being ok and not being around during the job) were soon forgotten as I saw how dedicated and efficient his colleagues were. I highly recommend TS Kitchens and Traian.

We hired Traian based upon his very positive Homestar reviews for Ikea kitchen install and he definitely lived up to his reputation. While he's no Bo Derek, he's definitely a TEN for his Ikea kitchen cabinet design and installation abilities. What impressed us was his ability to easily take design changes in stride, his promptness for returning calls/emails, his ability to turn a standard Ikea kitchen that numerous people have remarked looks like a custom install, his ability to keep the install schedule and most of all, his over-the-top focus on accuracy and precision measured in 1/16 of an inch! A hearty two thumbs up recommendation as evidenced through referrals based on his work for us. No need to look elsewhere for an Ikea designer/installer in the GTA! Great job TRAIAN!!

I spent months researching the interenet for ktichen installer reviews, looking at kitchen installs done at friends and familys homes, checking the big box stores, until I came across Triain who was very highly recommended and I am very happy with my choice. I decided on an Ikea kitchen yet I had my heart (but not my budget) set on real Bamboo wood doors (which Ikea do not sell) and some other bells and whistles. While listinening to my wish list Triain with his exceptional design aesthetic along with budget always in mind, came up with a semi-custom Ikea kitchen, with real Bamboo doors, and other upgrades. Triain offers top quality service, along with being honest, punctual and very professional. He is someone you can trust in the ever unpredictable world of reno/construction contracting, someone who you won't need to call Mike Holmes on. I highly recommend him and his team, thanks to Trian I got the kitchen of my dreams and my husband the price of his dreams. The ease in which this kitchen reno started, progressed and finished and the ultimate stunning result, a true magazine style kitchen, has me ready to reno my bathroom and Triain has the job already.

I purchased an IKEA kitchen assuming that I would use IKEA's recommended installer, but when they quoted almost $7000 to take out the old kitchen and install the new one I went looking elsewhere. How lucky I was to find Traian! He was so patient with me as we went back and forth over email to try and get me the best quote possible (I ended up taking out most of the old kitchen myself). His installers always arrived on time and finished the job when they said they would. Traian himself could give lessons on customer service. He went WAY ABOVE and beyond what he needed to to make sure I was happy and taken care of, right down to driving to IKEA to meet me and make sure my counters were all the same colour. I would not hesitate to recommend TS Kitchen Projects to anyone who is looking for exceptional customer service and a job well done. Thanks!

I purchased a condo and had 5 weeks to complete my renovations. Nobody would help me since 5 weeks was not enough time to install a custom kitchen. So I decided on a Ikea kitchen. When the current Ikea installers could only come and measure 1st week in July, I started searching the web. It was my lucky day when I came across TS Kitchens. As busy as the owner was, he still made time for me knowing my timeline was pretty tight. He helped design the kitchen and met with me and followed up as needed. The kitchen was installed on time and within my budget. I now have a beautiful kitchen and I absolutely love it. I would recommend TS Kitchens in a heartbeat. I am already planning my next project and will be calling Traian shortly.

After having a no-show from another installer, my wife and I reached out to Traian based on the reviews we saw on this website. We were not disappointed. Top quality work, professional service, excellent communication, very competitive quote and they installed a week BEFORE they said they would be able to! I have nothing but great things to say about them. Highly recommend using their services.

We contracted TS Kitchen Projects in late January (sorry for the delay in getting around to the review) to do a complete retrofit of our kitchen. The project involved tearing out the existing kitchen (all appliances, cabinet, plumbing) and installing new IKEA kitchen cabinets, plus all new appliances, electrical, plumbing, and a re-design. We used TS Kitchen Projects' services for their design work (a $400 fee) that we think was entirely worth the cost. The reason was such that, as part of the design fee, the company's owner (Traian) takes responsibility for any problems that arise during design and layout and will re-adjust the design on-the-fly, which we ended up having to do a few times during the project. Traian also takes responsibility for exchanging IKEA kitchen parts if a re-design is required, which is worth the time that would otherwise have to be invested in doing this oneself. We also used three of Traian's sub-contractors for 1) demolition of the existing kitchen, 2) insulation (required because the demolition removed some insulation from inside the walls), drywall (required to repair areas where backsplash tile removal required removal of drywall/plumbing (hook-up of a new dishwasher, drain line, kitchen faucet, and kitchen sink), tile work (installation of a new tile backsplash), 3) electrical work (moving several outlets, installing a new circuit, and hook-up for some of the appliances. Each of the sub-contractors did their work well, and we would also consider using them separately. Payments for sub-contractors was either handled directly or via proxy through TS Kitchen Projects. Positive Notes: TS Kitchen Projects work is exceptional, particularly with the attention to detail and finishing. The completed appearance has all tolerances aligned and less than 1mm off our agreed upon designs. Cabinet doors and handles are installed straight and fitted to accommodate an off-square room and an irregular ceiling bulkhead. TS Kitchen Projects also made accommodations for integrating our appliances into the design, hiding LED light wiring within the cabinets, and recommending the most efficient drawer layout. TS Kitchen Projects also did some customizations for us, notably cutting down cabinets on one wall to accommodate non-standard dimensions (i.e., reduced depth) and installing custom hidden toe kick drawers that we'd seen in some online design magazines. Negative Notes: We have little to say here. TS Kitchen Projects is generally professional and was accommodating to all of our requests. Some people may find themselves put out by his higher-than-average prices, but the finished workmanship justifies the price. We do have one note on responsiveness to e-mail -- (N.B. contact by phone or text message works far better) -- and this seems to be largely because TS Kitchen Projects is a victim of its own success. Because Traian is so well-reviewed on Homestars, he receives a *LOT* of contacts/inquiries and is sometimes difficult to get a hold of. That being said, when you do make contact, he is patient and responds to all of our questions. Work was completed in mid-March, so approximately a month and a half elapsed between cold call contact via phone and through to final completion of the project, which is pretty good speed for a complete kitchen renovation. TL;DR: TS Kitchen Projects does excellent work. They cost a little more, but their work justifies the price.

We hired TS Kitchen Projects to install cabinetry in our laundry room. We were very happy with the quality of the work and we were reassured by the Traian's knowledge and experience. Highly recommended!

We went with TS Kitchen because of all the terrible reviews we heard about the contractors that Ikea uses. TS KITCHEN IS FANTASTIC. They do amazing work at a terrific price. We were astounded by the attention to detail paid by Traian and his team. They took their time making sure everything looked great and worked properly. They were polite, clean, courteous and prompt. We are so glad we decided on TS to do our Ikea kitchen. Awesome, Awesome Job!

Traian and his team completed our new kitchen two weeks ago. We are delighted with the results and feel extremely lucky to have found TS Kitchen Projects. From his very first visit to our house, we could see that Traian had the knowledge, experience and expertise we were looking for. He has the rare ability to listen to and understand the customer's taste and requirements while at the same time offering his own creative and intelligent ideas. He planned a layout that adapted the available IKEA cabinets to our space while maximizing storage and convenience. With the detailed product list he prepared for us, we were able to order everything we needed from IKEA without confusion or wasted time. His skilled, reliable and cheerful team then did the total tear-out and reconstruction our kitchen required, taking the floor and walls back to the joists and studs. When there were unavoidable delays due to unrelated suppliers, they took this in stride and were back the moment the other work was done. Traian completed the cabinet assembly and installation (incorporating his own custom modifications) with amazing speed and skill as well as superb attention to detail. He also put in custom, remote-controlled LED under-counter lighting. We highly recommend TS Kitchen Projects and would definitely hire Traian and his team again.

Excellent, prompt and polite service from start to finish. Attention to detail was impeccable, as was speed of installation. I would definitely use Traian and the team again and would wholeheartedly recommend them to friends and family.

TS-Kitchen Projects installed an Ikea kitchen for us this week. Traian and his team were punctual, courteous and knowledgable. They identified a custom panel solution that we feel really improved the appearance of the finished product. The product was completed on-time, and at exactly the quoted price. We would not hesitate to use the service again. Thank you to Traian and his team

We hired Traian to design and install a new kitchen layout for our home, as the final stage in an entire main floor renovation project. It is impossible to explain in words how lucky we feel that we were able to find someone like Traian (and his team). His vast experience with the Ikea products, craftsmanship in the customization of the Ikea cabinetry (to fit our particular layout), and his tireless work ethic are only a few of the traits which make Traian stand out in the crowd of kitchen specialists. We had thought during the early stages of our renovation planning that we would design and install an Ikea kitchen ourselves. As most people who have spent more than about 2 minutes with the Ikea kitchen planning software, or anyone who has attempted to get a satisfying answer out of an Ikea Kitchen department "specialist", we were frustrated and annoyed. We learned very quickly that our particular kitchen dimensions would not accommodate the specific cabinet sizes available from Ikea. Thankfully we found Traian here on HomeStars and hired him to do the design and installation. This was easily the best decision we made during our renovation project. Traian worked with an attention to detail the likes of which we have never witnessed before in our lives. From the initial design consulting, to the assembly, customization, and installation of our entire kitchen, we were totally at ease given Traian's obvious mastery of his craft. If you are looking for a craftsman who shows an absolute pride in his work, look no further. Traian - we cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond during our kitchen project. We are truly grateful for all your fantastic work.

It was the second time we hired Traian. Our undercounter fridge could not fit in the space and Traian helped to remodel the 24" sink cabinet into a 18" one. He managed to use the original cabinet and minimize further material costs. An additional custom toekick was done to perfection and we were extremely with the result. We ordered some wrong parts from Ikea and his team even helped to get the right pieces in. It was clearly beyond his scope of work! At the same time, we had other Ikea assembler for the PAX wardrobe. Their work was much inferior, didn't put the wardrobes together properly and lost a bunch of spare parts. They left without finishing their job properly. Traian team came to rescue and helped to fix the wardrobe so that we can move in in time. All in all, we fully trust Traian's work and appreciate his professionalism. We would love to hire him to do further project.

I recently had the good fortune to engage TS Kitchens to help with the design and installation of my Ikea kitchen. Traian, the owner and primary installer, provided exceptional service, including recommendations to deal with some difficult design issues and providing expert installation of the cabinets. Traian is exceptionally knowlegeable about Ikea cabinetry and he is a master craftsment able to modify standard cabinets to meet unusual requirements. I was totally satisfied with Traians' work. He was always on time, worked with exceptional speed and accuracy, and left the work area very clean throughout the project. I highly recommend him to anyone who appreciates quality work at a reasonable price. You can't go wrong if you select TS Kitchens for your project.

I had decided to do a complete renovation of my townhouse kitchen with Ikea cabinetry and looked for a person who could do the installation. After looking through the reviews on Homestars I contacted Traian since he seemed perfect for the job. After meeting and talking with him I was even more convinced that he was the right person. He had a lot of experience with assembling Ikea kitchens and made several recommendations to my layout and design that I had not considered. That Ikea kitchen planning software leaves a lot of stuff out and the measurements it states are not as precise as you might be led to believe. Not only did Traian make good suggestions at the beginning of the project he continued to do so as the project continued and different issues arose that he handled. These would be things like the walls not quite being even all the way across or working around existing floor tiles I had in my kitchen. He even managed to make sure of some what I thought was going to be wasted space to get me another drawer. He also went beyond what I expected in recommending tradespeople to me. I had mistimed when I would have to have the kitchen ready for him to do the installation. I had to have the wall tiles taken down when I originally hadn't planned on that. Then that required a drywaller to come in. I needed a plumber to cap the water lines. I hadn't realized having a new wall oven would require running another line from the box in the basement... Lots of mistakes on my part but Traian took it in stride and got me the contacts of good people to do the different jobs, in one case at half the cost of someone else I was trying to contact. With renovation work you want someone who is not only knowledgeable about the work but who is also responsive. Unforeseen things always come up or there are questions that need a quick answer. Traian was always easy to contact and would check with me to let me know how things were progressing or to get my feedback on something. I have no reservations about recommending Traian for a kitchen installation project. If you plan to do any renovations with Ikea products give him a call and see what he has to offer. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

We couldn't agree more with all the glowing reviews below. After looking into IKEA's preferred company we opted for Traian instead after reading his positive reviews on Homestars. We were not disappointed. Traian met with us and provided us with a timely quote. We have an older home so he was also able to offer some advice on what might work in our space as he is very knowledgeable with all the product and sizes available with IKEA kitchens. Traian was able to take a look at our initial design and make suggestions for improvement before we purchased our kitchen. Further, during the construction and renovation phases of our project, he offered invaluable advice on our kitchen preparation which saved us time and money in the long run. The final product we received is beyond our expectations. We've since had other contractors in our house who are surprised it's not a custom kitchen! Traians perfect workmanship and professional approach to all elements of our kitchen design has left us with a stunning final product. All we can say is thank you and hope that others see this review and use your services. We highly recommend TS Kitchens. S&D

After having my kitchen incorrectly designed by Ikea and about 30 tries just to obtain a quote from the Ikea's preferred vendor, I found Traian. With 88 boxes of Ikea kitchen already stacked up in my condo, Traian made himself available to be at my home to make an assessment within 24 hours. His expertise was immediately evident as he quickly identified several design flaws and made recommendation on how to both redress the errors and improve the overall functionality of the space. The installation took precisely the amount of time he had quoted and he went above and beyond making unplanned trips to Ikea to exchange unneeded products resulting from Ikea errors. The quality of the finished product exceeded my expectations. As a former bonsai artist, his attention to detail is unparalleled. Every seem and angle is flawless. As a bonus, he is consistently punctual and thoroughly cleans up any mess that may have been created. Since my kitchen install, I have hired Traian twice to do further work and would definitely do so again.

We recently completed a renovation project for an entire floor of our 100+ year downtown Toronto home. As with buildings of this age, everything requires a customized solution. After shopping around for a few kitchen designs, we decided to opt for an Ikea kitchen because of the warranties associated with the product but we were concerned about being able to use Ikea standard cabinets to get our "custom" look. Traian was recommended to us as the right man with the right tools for the job and we are thoroughly impressed with the job he did for us and the extra time and energy invested in to accommodate our special requirements for customizing the Ikea products. Traian delivers a superior service and we are very happy with the quality of his workmanship; he is familiar and knowledgeable in modifying standard products to achieve a customized kitchen, and the worksite was always left impeccably clean. Many thanks Traian, we certainly look forward to working with you again on future projects.

I cannot stress enough how professional, meticulous, gracious and creative Traian is. TS Kitchen Projects installed an IKEA Kitchen in our townhouse. Traian was always punctual and very professional. He helped us on tweaking and customizing our design to meet our aesthetics but as well as ensuring that it met our everyday needs. I would not hesitate to hire Traian again. We truly enjoyed our renovation experience with TS Kitchen.

To whom ever reads this review, both my wife and I cannot stress enough: Traian will exceed your expectations. Our house is old – over 100 years old. As a result, the kitchen, well, it has "character". The floors are not level, sometimes differing by 2-3 inches. The walls are not only uneven, but they are inconsistently uneven. This presents a real problem when trying to install cabinets (if you want them straight!). I think what I was most impressed with was that everything was made level, but aesthetic appeal was not sacrificed. What I mean by this is that if you only focus on making sure everything is level and not the larger picture, it can create such a contrast that everything looks weird. Traian was able to complete the technical work of installing the cabinets, while having the vision to tweak things to not accentuate the flaws of the kitchen's overall structure. Basically, it was a custom design and installation. Traian gave us a very functional design, and listened to us when we explained what we wanted. He also explained why he chose the pieces he did, and how it would optimize our small space and make the kitchen more user-friendly. We had heard horror stories about renovations taking longer than planned and were slightly worried. Traian scheduled 5 days to complete our work, but it was actually done in 3. There was very little mess and everything was clean and tidy once done. A few things needed to be done post-installation: a custom cut-out was made for our sink (inches were lost due to wall/floor unevenness), a custom panel was made to cover the side of the fridge, doors were custom cut to accommodate our larger than normal sink, and a heating vent was reconfigured so that it would not be under the cabinet. As usual with Ikea, a bunch of things were missing. Traian made a list of what we needed. Excess things were left so that we could return them. We needed some emergency electrical work done – Traian had a source. The most difficult thing about writing this review was trying not to rambling on about how positive an experience this was. Bottom line was that this was the best investment in our kitchen we could have made.

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