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I have not written a review before, but decided to register on this site and write a review for Traian because of the amazing work that he did in my kitchen. We live in a ~100 year old semi and were redoing our entire kitchen, including tearing out a wall etc. I first contacted Traian before my contractor started to get his thoughts on installing an Ikea kitchen - we had worked with a designer to come up with a kitchen design based on Ikea cabinets. He came to the house and spent an hour talking to my wife and me about his thoughts on the layout and how we could improve it from the layout given by my designer. He had a number of ingenious solutions to ensure we didn't waste any space. He suggested that we call him back once the contractor had finished his work (including removal of the wall between the kitchen and dining room) so that he could do a final measure and suggest what would fit. Being anal and anxious, I must have sent 30-40 different emails to Traian while my contractor was doing his work and even requested him to come once and speak with my contractor about the cabinet layouts so that the contractor could route the gas lines etc. accordingly. Eventually once my contractor was done, Traian came and measured the kitchen and we finalized the cabinet sizes / layouts that would work. He gave me a price based on installing those cabinets and making some modifications to make sure everything looked built-in in the kitchen (the floor and walls are crooked, we have some old chimney bump outs in one of the walls, so he customized some cabinets.) I went to order the cabinets at Ikea during their summer sale, and was pleasantly surprised to see Traian there ordering some stuff for one of his clients. He was kind enough to refine the order (for example telling the Ikea kitchen designer which panels etc. to include / exclude with my order) so that I didn't have to run back to Ikea for any missing items later on. Finally, the Ikea delivery came, and despite being extremely busy, Traian squeezed in our installation. He sent one of his co-workers to assemble the cabinets, while he was finishing off another job, but made sure to come check in at the end of the day to see the progress. Traian and his team worked with an infinite amount of patience to make sure everything was perfect and level - these guys are perfectionists and obsessed over very small details - as Traian explained, he is extremely anal and wants to make sure the install looks perfect. I don't think there was ever an occasion that we had to point out anything to them that needed to be improved in any way! Traian also spent a lot of time obsessing over the top door on one of my pantry units that had a bulkhead in front of it - i mentioned to him that i was ok with just putting a dummy door and not using that space (a 24" x 24" space). Traian kept trying to come up with a solution to make the space usable - he brought in special hinges from another supplier to make the door lift down (instead of open outward) - ultimately we had to drop that idea because of the limitations of the space. He finally resolved the space by putting an 18" door and 6" drawer front, which allows me to use the space. Traian also brought in countertop samples to help us finalize on a countertop. He took measurements and gave me a drawing of the proposed countertop design so that I could get different quotes - he also got a quote from his supplier and negotiated a price that we were very happy with and ultimately decided to go with after getting other quotes. In summary - you can hire Traian with full confidence knowing that he will go above and beyond to ensure your installation looks amazing.

There are many reasons Traian deserves this 10 start rating. First, his part of the reno (we gutted our entire kitchen: changed the floor, purchased new appliances, painted, etc.) was done almost exactly on time, and this despite the difficulty of having to adjust the cabinets for uneven walls (our house is in a 'mature' neighborhood in Toronto, and is over a hundred years old). Second, he made the planning easy by coming to our house twice for a consultation (he was the first person we saw - we wanted to do our homework and see a few more providers before we finally went back to him), and he patiently listened to our wish list and did the best he could to accommodate our ideas (not easy, with our very small kitchen). He gave us advice when we asked for it, and when some unexpected issues came up, found solutions that worked. He was cost-conscious and saved us a few hundred dollars by being careful and efficient with his use of the Ikea materials, and above all, he was very pleasant and a pleasure to deal with. TS Kitchens specializes in customizing and installing Ikea kitchens and Ikea, as we unfortunately discovered, is an absolute nightmare to deal with from a customer service perspective. While I'm most people know this already, our past experience with Ikea was limited to buying a few pieces of furniture. Kitchen design and installation takes Ikea's ineptitude in Customer Service to a whole new level. Traian had printed out an itemized list for us to take to the store so they could simply key in the items and deliver them to us. This alone took over three hours, most of which were spent waiting for someone to attend to us. I can't imagine how much longer it would have taken without Traian's (very detailed) list. Several of the items Ikea delivered were the wrong ones (or, they simply didn't deliver them at all). Traian went back to Ikea for us to exchange the wrong items, and managed to find us the missing pieces - this alone makes his design fee well worth it. If you like the ultra-modern, Euro-styling of Ikea kitchens but are worried about making your kitchen look as good as Ikea makes theirs look in their showroom (or better!), I would recommend TS Kitchens. If Traian is a little slow to respond to phone calls don't worry - he's THAT busy!

I am a renovation contractor with thirty years of experience working in the Beaches area. Over that time I have assembled a list of skilled tradespeople that I can count on to do exceptional work, think outside the box and solve the problems that always arise when working on older homes. I am happy to add Traian to that list. I have high standards and from our first meeting to review the design until the last hinge was adjusted he exceeded my expectations. His encyclopedic knowledge of the Ikea system allowed him to offer many suggestions to improve the look and functionality of the design. During the build his work was of high standard and he often used different Ikea components in creative ways to achieve our design goals. When a stock cabinet would not fit over the fridge he modified it and used a drawer front for a door. The end result was a perfect solution to the problem and the client as very pleased. Traian proved to be a knowledgeable, skilled, creative tradesman with an eye for detail and the ability to problem solve. I would highly recommend Traian.

Traian is an Ikea kitchen genius. He takes such care to make the installation perfect with precision cuts, custom hacks, and unparalleled attention to detail. We are so happy that we hired him to install our kitchen. He was able to adjust the plans to accommodate constraints and still maximize all useable space. Our kitchen looks very custom and with the mixed cabinetry style, quartz counter top and modern hardware, it isn't recognizable as a typical Ikea kitchen. Traian accommodated our tight schedule, talked to our contractor to ensure appropriate placement of plumbing etc., and stopped by our place on several occasions to check on the progress of the site in preparation for the instalment. This aspect of our renovation was stress-free and it was a pleasure to work with someone who takes such pride in his workmanship. The job was done exactly when he said it would be. Each night the work site was left spotless. He worked through the weekend to meet our timelines He even came back to install a lazy Susan after putting in a full day elsewhere so my kitchen would be complete for me to show off to relatives visiting from out of town the next day. Truly exceptional - we cannot give Traian a high enough recommendation.

It is not often you experience real honesty and helpfulness from anybody. But our experience with Traian is the absolute exception. In this case, we asked Traian to fabricate a stainless steel top for an Ikea table. He gave us a quote and agreed to bring samples of the finish to us in our downtown condo. When he arrived he gave us the samples, helped us choose which to use and then told us that as he did not fabricate the steel himself we would be better off dealing directly with the fabricator – he gave me the estimate they had prepared for him and said I should deal direct. I asked him what he would get out of it and he said “nothing” but he was happy to help out. This very helpful man ordered the steel, wrote the specs, got the estimate, found the samples and brought them all the way downtown and charged nothing. I am convinced he did not get any kind of kickback from the fabricator because the estimate he gave us form the fabricator was less than his original estimate (which presumably, and perfectly reasonably, had included a small mark-up). I only wish I could deal with more people like Traian.

We hired Traian to install our Ikea kitchen after doing the design and planning ourselves. We also received quotes from a couple of other installers and while Traian wasn't the least expensive he was the only one who took the time to speak to us prior to providing us with the quote and he was able to start very quickly which was great. Traian was able to spot some problems with our design and provided us with options to improve the look and functionality of the kitchen. I think the best suggestion was building out the over fridge cabinet so that it was flush with the fridge - definitely gives a high end built in look. All of the tradespeople Traian recommended were also great (we used plumber, electrician and granite counter top fabricator all provided to us by Traian). The only thing I would say is that the job did take longer than we expected due to Traian's perfectionism - in the end we are happy he took the time because every little detail of the kitchen is perfect. We would definitely recommend Traian and probably would also hire him for the design process given how great he was with our little suggestions.

I can't say enough good things about Traian and his team. Traian improved upon our kitchen design to provide the floor-to-ceiling look that we wanted. He made numerous trips to Ikea to get additional parts. He was flexible to our changing schedule and tolerated a bit of chaos on our site while dry wallers worked around him. He made great suggestions to upgrade and customize our Ikea cabinetry. The pride that he takes in his work and the attention to detail has generated a beautiful kitchen that we are thrilled with. Thank you Traian!

I am very happy to write this review for TS Kitchen Projects. I met with Traian several months ago for a quote, after several meetings with contractors I decided to pick TS kitchen because of the great reviews. I was very nervous with another contractor in my place, as the previous one mess up my floors, so I wanted to be sure of my kitchen installer. After speaking with Traian he was able to schedule an installer named Bogdan and his son Leo. I was happy that he was able to accommodate me immediately as the previous contractor mess things up. The professionalism of his team, Bogdan and Leo were excellent. They gave me advice, listen to my concerns, and did the whole install in one day. They cleaned up there mess and left with a smile. I will be calling them soon for installation of my microwave as soon as I have them delivered. Thanks again. I would highly recommend your company Traian. Thanks again.

TS Kitchen Projects installed our 'out of box' cabinets with custom touches that reduced the amount of materials we had to purchase and enhanced our kitchen's functionality and appearance in ways we wouldn't have thought to design ourselves (e.g. created custom matched toe kicks, created shallow depth cabinets, added custom shaped trim pieces). This is a busy company that made time to accommodate our schedule. They checked and refined their work throughout the installation to ensure cabinets were hung square on our curvy old walls and doors swung correctly over our range hood. They also asked our feedback throughout to ensure the directions the doors opened and the placement of the handles struck the right balance of pleasing aesthetics and functionality. We were very happy with the quality of the work and felt the price was fair.

Traian was great! I was looking for someone to install kitchen cabinets for a non for profit agency. We had a very tight deadline to get a written quote and installation. The only company that replied to me in a timely manner was TS Kitchen. Traian was flexible and did an outstanding job. I would definitely recommend TS Kitchens to anyone. Thanks Traian.

I called Traian in a panic after my first contractor demolished my kitchen and then didn’t return. He called me back immediately and was at my house in Newmarket the next day. He knew exactly what to do and even helped us improve on the existing design plan. He customized many of the standard Ikea pieces to give us a more functional kitchen with a beautiful custom look. It turned out better than we had imagined. Traian is an expert at what he does and he also has a large network of subcontractors that do meticulous work. In my opinion, he is the simply the best in the GTA. I will be calling him again soon to do my master bathroom ☺. Thanks for everything Traian! Jennifer and Michael.

10+++++ We hired Traian to install our Ikea kitchen cabinets. I received a quote from Peg corporation they were standard no custom work no design ideas and $250 less than TS Kitchens. I had decided on Ramsjo black brown base and Ramsjo white for the upper cabinets. Most of the design was already set, but Traian made a few suggestions, all of which we acted on and all of which improved our kitchen, design and functionality. The difference with Train is he knows what he is talking about he can custom make anything. He always asked questions, giving us multiple options and solutions, always explaining to us the pros and cons. His team arrived and they were all very efficient and professional, I must say Traian, Bogdan and his son were also very patient working with other trades and they cleaned up every day!! He worked efficiently and with great attention to detail and it shows in the results - everything lines up perfectly, even where the walls don't! The project was on time and on budget. Thanks you to the whole team at TS Kitchens !!!!

We got a great referral on Traian but were still concerned he would be like all the other contractors, just maybe slightly better. I expected to have to "manage" him and chase him like all the rest. Much to our surprise and delight he was not only prompt, patient, and creative he went above and beyond. He took our ideas and embraced them. Then he brought his own and made it better. He was flexible and helpful with other trades and never once lost his cool. Even with extra demands that come with every job when you open walls and are not sure what is there. In a business where you are constantly disappointed with not getting what you paid for, he was worth every penny, and probably more. We recommend him without hesitation. No surprise to me now why his ratings on this site are so high. Thank you for outstanding work Traian and you can have any future prospect call us personally if they want to hear more.

I first posted on Oct. 12, 2012, re: Traian's excellent work on our kitchen. He stopped out in December to install the remaining toe-kick drawer pulls and stayed to help us move/level our stove that was giving us some grief. We certainly didn't want to take up his time with a "trivial" chore, but we are extremely grateful that he helped us shim the legs, etc. Thanks for going well above and beyond, Traian!

Working with the team from TS Kitchen Design was a very positive experience. Not only where they clean, punctual and hard-working, the best attributes the team brought to our project was their experience and problem-solving skills. We live in a century old house with a typical galley kitchen. We had the design and made the purchases at Ikea with another designer, but that didn't deter the team from helping us with every aspect of the job. They NEVER left us struggling or with unanswered questions. We found ourselves in trouble with crooked floors, uneven ceiling, etc. Traian and his team always found solutions to the problems, and always found the most economical way to solve any issue. One member, Bogdan, worked most of a weekend to ensure the cupboards were installed on time. There is not one negative comment I can produce on TS Kitchen Design. This was our first Reno in our first house, and the team helped make it VERY successful and beautiful. Thanks guys! We look forward to working with you again!

Working with Traian and his team was a pleasure. They really know their stuff. He provided thoughtful suggestions and even pointed a few potential mini-disasters (door hitting the stove constantly) which our friends at IKEA didn't point. He provided several value added services, like getting us hinges so doors wouldn't hit the other appliances, buying the right size cabinet door while he was at IKEA. As well as adding in an additional shelf at no extra cost (I mentioned it in passing and next day it was there!). Traian and his team were prompt and very respectful. The price was extremely good value compared to other companies. In hindsight, I would probably have brought Traian in early to the picture e.g. before I actually bought the kitchen, in order to get his advice and experience of what works and what doesn't, and how to maximize the space of our kitchen better. We would recommend Traian and his team.

Traian is exceptional at what he does: creating beautiful kitchens. Here's how he does it: - He provides insightful advice on creative ways to make your dollar go further (e.g. installing custom doors on ikea cabinets) and increase the durability and lifespan of the kitchen (e.g. premium hinges, etc.) - Traian's attention to details is second to none -- it borders on obsession but in a very, very good way :) He spends a lot of time planning and making small adjustments to ensure that everything is built in the best way possible. It's really incredible. - Traian also has a network of great people who you get to tap into as his client, from electricians to plumbers, to tilers and more. Each of these professionals share his passion for quality and customer service. - Traian is extremely ethical and responsible, and a pleasure to work with. He's a funny and amicable guy, always does what he says he's gonna do, and proactively seeks out your guidance when it's appropriate. Honestly, this has been our best home improvement experience ever, hands down. We wish we had a second kitchen so we could do it all over again! HIRE THIS MAN AND HIS COMPANY!

Apparently, of all the rooms in your house to renovate, the kitchen is the most stressful. This I was told numerous times before and during a recent renovation. My guess is that none of these well-meaning naysayers had encountered the likes of TS Kitchen Projects. Traian and his team of knowledgeable and efficient workers. We got the goods, they did the heavy lifting—from tear down to installing an Ikea kitchen with some custom enhancements as well as putting us in touch with suppliers who saved us some serious cash—they came, they saw, they conquered, and all in good time, to boot. Need I say more?

Traian was a pleasure to deal with. We used a combination of Ikea cabinetry and custom cabinetry, and Traian did a fantastic job helping us customize the Ikea design. He drew upon his extensive experience to make suggestions that were well beyond our imagination, and have proven to be incredibly useful to us. We would work with Traian again without hesitation.

Traian and his team were really clear about what they could do and they always delivered on their commitments. Believe it or not, it was only 10 days from kitchen tear-out to completion. People tell me this is remarkable. Certainly, I am very pleased with the speed and the quality of work. Traian was recommended to me now I wholeheartedly recommend him to others because of the great service, the excellent advice, and the very reasonable price.

TS Kitchens and Traian are the best. Punctual, trustworthy and on time. Traian went out of the way to do several extras for me which made the entire experience a pleasure. My kitchen is great and I cannot wait for him to do the next one. Don't waste time getting quotes, go directly to TS Kitchen Projects and spend your time being glad about your decision.

This is the first time in my life I have ever recommended anybody. I do so now because of my complete pleasure and satisfaction in the way TS KITCHEN turned my drab dated kitchen into a new source of pride in my home. Traian and his team were thorough and punctual and took great pride in their task. In all respects they were guided by a desire to get it right and they did. I recommend them to you without hesitation.

We were looking for an alternative to PEG with respect to the installation of our Ikea kitchen and found Traian on Based on the number of positive reviews we decided to take a chance on Traian and he was nothing short of exceptional. The level of service Traian provided exceeded all expectations and the quality of his work was tremendous. Traian takes tremendous pride in his work and it shows. He added a number of custom features that really transformed the look, feel and functionality of the kitchen. Aside from being great at what he does Traian is an extremely nice person who I would recommend without hesitation.

We couldn't be happier with the job TS Kitchens did on our Ikea kitchen installation. We were very impressed with Traian's knowledge of the Ikea range. He helped us to sort out our plans, and surprised us by making some design suggestions that really improved the final result. Bogdan and Leo did a very meticulous job on the actual installation, which was complicated by the crooked walls of our 100 year old house. They are all three of them very pleasant guys to work with, and we would use them again without the slightest hesitation.

Traian did a fantastic job with our kitchen. He has great attention to detail and was great at solving problems that came up. He was able to customize a number of our cabinets to fit our space. He was quick, efficient and tidy. I wish all our contractors were as professional. Thanks Traian!

Traian finished our kitchen quite a few months back and he did a great job! It was a tight space and we needed many of the cabinets to be custom cut to make work. Everything is perfect no complaints he does great work making your kitchen as custom as you want.

We hired Traian and his team to do kitchen renovation. I found his company on Home Stars, trusted the reviews and not regret it. Traian is very professional, knows the IKEA product up to the smallest details and is very creative. Comes up with unique solutions to satisfy our request. He referred us to the contractor Sorin and he did excellent job too. Our kitchen look great and we are happy with the result. The only thing you have to be aware when hiring them that they are very busy and you need to be patient. But the result is worth it. I will hire them again without any doubts.

We hired Traian after reading these reviews. He installed our ikea kitchen after we bought it and helped return those pieces we didn't use. He customized cabinets when needed in our old Victorian row house. He is a perfectionist, creative and passionate about what he does and it shows in the quality of workmanship. These reviews are 100% true and helpful. Thank you Traian and Homestars .

We hired Traian to install kitchen cabinets. Both Traian and Jose did exceptional work. They were meticulous in their job making sure everything was level and perfectly assembled. Traian had many helpful suggestions that we used. He was also very accommodating when we had to change his schedule due to issues with other contractors. Overall he was very professional and great to deal with - we highly recommend him.

Our experience with Traian and his team at TS Kitchens was very positive and we recommend them for a kitchen renovation. Our project had many challenges, particularly when the original schedule was thrown off course due to unforeseen work that had to be done prior to continuing with the kitchen renovation. Traian was able to juggle his other clients and complete the work in our kitchen when the area was ready for cabinetry installation. Traian’s knowledge of Ikea kitchens is excellent and he can quickly point out what is achievable in the space available for your project. His ability to customize “standard” cabinetry with innovative features to suit our kitchen requirements was one of the reasons why we wanted to work with him and it proved to be the correct decision. We are very happy with the quality of the work, attention to detail and overall functionality of the new kitchen cabinets.

We had a 50 year old kitchen that was in desperate need of a full revamp. Working with Traian and his team showed us what excellent people you can still find to work with. After having had a bad experience in the past with a bathroom renovation we were rather concerned to hire people again. Thank goodness we found Traian - their work was excellent. They met all of their timelines and came in exactly where they said around the budget. On top of that they did an absolutely beautiful job and I would be happy to spend all day in my new kitchen. I have never been so pleased to have had renovation work done and will recommend this team again and again. Thanks Traian, Sorin and Derek - we are so happy to have worked with you.

We are very happy with our kitchen. Traian's knowledge of kitchen design and installation allowed us to create a well-functioning dream kitchen for our family. Along with his hard working associate Jose, they got the job done on time. We would recommend them to family and friends.

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