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If you are considering going with us for your IKEA product installation, there is a process you can expect to go through. We can do an initial site measurement for you at a cost of $50.00 (which is later deducted from your installation cost providing your job site is located within our service radius).
After that initial measurement you, the client, need to do some "homework" by planning the layout of your kitchen using the 3D planner from or by using the self planning cabinet cut out system available in the Kitchen Planning Guide at the store. The IKEA co-worker needs this for the kitchen ordering.
Once we have received your finalized plan we will submit an estimate to you for approval. We will then be able to go ahead
with booking an installation date based on our availability and on the arrival of your IKEA products.


We can offer you a Kitchen Planning service. This service includes a site measurement and help in planning your new IKEA kitchen cabinet layout.
The idea behind the Planning Service is to alleviate confusion that can arise when going through the process of purchasing and installing an IKEA kitchen. If a client so chooses, we can be their first and last points of contact in this process. The only time a client will need to deal with IKEA is when they place the order directly in the store and to arrange delivery of their kitchen pieces. We will provide site measurement, and a layout that includes all extra pieces that need to be ordered. The following are a few points a client should review when they are considering using us to contract for IKEA kitchen cabinet planning:
The design service we provide was created to save you the step of planning “my cabinet layout for my new IKEA kitchen”. Customer will still be responsible for selecting and purchasing the appliances, fixtures, handles/knobs, countertops, flooring, backsplash, paint, and lighting.
Customer must have the appliances selected prior to our start of work on the layout as this is a critical component in creating a layout. If you do not know what kind of appliances you want these can be discussed at the initial consultation meeting but you are responsible for selecting the appliances and submitting the selections to us before we begin work on your cabinet layout.
The cabinet layout for one kitchen is $400 plus HST. You will receive a preliminary layout ("Preview") to provide feedback to us. Once the cabinet layout is finalized and approved, you will receive a package that provides you with everything you need to go to IKEA and purchase your cabinets. The package will also include all 3D views of your kitchen as well as the Measurement Sheet created at the initial consultation meeting.
Any additional areas for cabinet layout services you can expect to pay an additional $400 plus HST.
You will pay an additional fee to designer for travel if your site is located outside of the service radius.
We are not responsible for coordinating trades for your project, communicating with your contractor, and so on. We are in no way responsible for Project Management services unless you want us to provide all trades for the whole project.
Following our submission of your approved “final” IKEA Layout Package any changes you wish to make to your plan such as layout, door style, etc. are to be made by you and are done so at your own expense. You can choose to make changes on your own or to use our designer for changes at a cost of $80plus HST/change if changes are submitted via email or $100 plus HST/hour prorated in 15 minute portion if changes are made on site or “on the fly” during installation. In terms of layout, IKEA has no liability.

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