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Kitchen installation process pdf


If we are removing existing cabinets, all cabinets are to be cleared of household materials prior to the arrival of our team. As per the agreement clients make at IKEA, all pieces should be verified by the client following delivery from IKEA. Your planner at IKEA provides lists of items ordered. All pieces should be on site prior to the arrival of our team.
Installations are scheduled to begin at 9am unless the client made other arrangements at the time of booking the appointment.
All appliances are to be on site for the installation.
Installers often have to do custom cutting on the job site, and need to be provided space for doing this work. This means that if there is not sufficient room within the kitchen to do the assembly and cutting, the client will need to provide an alternative space adjacent to the kitchen for the installers to use for these tasks.
Your kitchen will arrive in flat boxes. The boxes need to be in or adjacent to the kitchen on the same floor prior to the arrival of our team. We will not carry or move boxes and/or any appliances from the garage or basement to the kitchen on a different floor. We will protect your floors to the best of our ability.


The client should be present at the start of the installation to admit installers to the site, ask any questions they wish, provide any needed information to the installers and provide the down payment. The client will need to be present again at the end of installation to go over any deficiencies and provide final payment for installation services.


This is a time for you to look over the work and see if there are any deficiencies or issues to report.
We are a separate company from IKEA, and we cannot track your items for you. There are people employed at IKEA specifically for  working with you to resolve such issues. Once you have received word from IKEA that your deficient pieces will be delivered, please contact us to arrange a time for completion.
If there is more work to be done by other trades after we have finished installation, it is important that you ensure the work is done in a way which respects the labor we have put into the space. If, for example, a flooring installer removes toe kicks, it is not our responsibility to re-install them. The main scope of our job covers initial installation and resolution of deficiencies as outlined above.

Acknowledgment points:

Prior to the date set for a kitchen installation, we ask the clients sign, date, and return the "Acknowledgment form" to ensure they are aware of all of their responsibilities and what they can expect to encounter during the entire process of re- doing their kitchen. These are the points we ask clients to sign off on:

Acknowledgment form  (click to download for printing) 

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